Saturday, December 1, 2007

Blog Banter: Becoming an Ace and Dealing With Minsc

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The first game I ever played were on my Dad's old 386. My older brother and I used to play a bunch of them: SimAnt, Doom, Monkey Island, and of course, Wing Commander. Being allowed to play was always kind of tricky, my brother was very territorial about most things, and I had to fight to be allowed to use "his" games. Booting up the computer and then typing the correct lines in DOS (I think there was some kind of password or something), and then it was time to kill some Kilrathi.

I could never get very far in that game, I just didn't have the skills it took. Still, talking to the different pilots afterwards (my favorite was always whatisname, Loose Canon or Mad Dog or whatever), and of course they could die permanently, which always happened to me. Best of all, even if I sucked and did badly at missions, I got a different, more depressing cutscene. I loved losing all the way to the end, just to watch the second ending.

Nowadays I'm a little better at such things, although I play less space sims. I can't think of a game I've played more than Baldur's Gate II. You all know how long it is, and I figure I've taken about 4 or 5 characters all the way to the end, completing every single mission (with dozens of other characters that got abandoned after 2 or 3 acts).

Seriously, I have played this game too much. Still, when I'm bored, and need a new game, all I have to do is find those old CDs. There is always a combination I haven't tried yet (next time, I figure it's gonna be a shapeshifter druid, just to make things really tough), and I never get tired of the party intrigue, plot, or graphics. This game literally sucks me in every time, and there hasn't been an RPG since that has even come close. NWN, NWN2, the KOTORs, they don't stand a chance. I love them all, but Baldur's Gate II will always be the best one of them all. This all kinda makes me want to go start that druid.

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Anonymous said...

I've always meant to play Baldurs gate, but never have done and now I have sooo many other games that are waiting for me..

KotOR is excellent though.