Friday, December 7, 2007


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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Less Ugly Killzone

Oh, and here is a more cinematic trailer for Killzone two.

You Must Watch This Now!

Alright, I know I have linked a lot of videos, but never have I linked one with such a completely amazing song in it. This is for a game called Lost Odyssey, a Japanese RPG, which looks like it could be fun. But wait, there's more. At around the four minute mark, a song comes on that will blow your mind. Seriously, watch it, NOW.

Killzone Looks Awesome

While Killzone 2 has had its share of fakery, lies and bullshot, now that they have some actual ingame footage and screens, and the gameplay looks good, one can start to hope. This game looks pretty badass, and the videos we are seeing now is qute impressive. I'll put a screen or two up in the album later today.

A Racing Game I Might Care About

I like Burnout Revenge and its ilk on the PS2 alright, but they are, like many racers (besides Midtown Madness 1 and 2, which will never be beat), hard for me to sink into. Well, check this out. Burnout Paradise esentially takes the Midtown Madness route, with a living city. But, not only do you have that, there are no laod times. You just activate races and challenges when you want, or drive around for fun. It sounds really awesome to tell the truth. Lucky I have that PS3 now! Oh, and a picture from IGN is now up in the awesome pictures section.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Dead Space!

Kotaku has a bunch of pictures up from Dead Space, a survival horror game that looks like a cross between The Thing and Event Horizon. This probably means I will be too scared of it to ever play it all the way through, if it is good. Oh, and two of the pictures are up in the photo album thingy over there on the right. I hate fun games that I am too scared to play.


Like the end of Drake's Fucking Fortune.

COD4 is Actually Really Good

So I picked up Call of Duty 4 today, mostly cause I heard the single player was alright, and I wanted to play it split-screen with a friend. I normally don't like online shooters that are in any way realistic, in fact, I just play CS:S and TF2 these days. Anyway, I played the single player a bit, got annoyed by that TV station shootout, and switched to multiplayer.

Wow, it rocks. Seriously, this is amazing, it's better than CS:S, by a mile and a half. Sure, there are guys grenade spamming from half a map away, but the gameplay rocks, and the pseudo-RPG elements they've thrown in are weirdly compelling.

All-in-all, a good purchase, and once I buy a cheapo $20 controller, some badass splitscreen action, I hope. I should really go to bed, I think.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Drake's Fortune

Alright, I just finished Drake's Fortune, and although I am too lazy to review it right now (and by too lazy, I mean I am going to back back and unlock more rewards by shooting guys with specific weapons!), I thought I would let you know a thing or two about it. It kick's ass, there isn't another way to put it (or if there is, mine is better). It's fun, beautiful, smooth to play, and has a pretty decent plot, when you get down to it. The gunplay is really amazing, it's hard to describe how smooth and fun it is. The voice-acting is perfect for what the game is aiming for, and the endgame is fun, if a bit silly.

Oh, and I am 2 assassinations into Assassin's Creed, and it is still, quite excellent. People who say otherwise are silly. Finally, Motorstorm is fun, but I can't beat this one level. Grrr. Back to work now?

Wow, Time For Call of Duty 5: Diablo Kicks Your Ass

So, in an interesting bit of news, Activision and Vivendi are merging (with Vivendi owning the majority of the share or somesuch). According to the Kotaku article, this won't change how Vivendi (and more importantly, Blizzard, which is part of Vivendi) runs its stuff. Frankly, I almsot don't care, they could produce Call of Duty: World of Warcraft, and I'd hate it, and all of you losers would lap it up. BUT. My dream of some kind of World War II/Diablo/Starcraft mashup can finaly become a reality. Whoopee.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Absolutely Ridiculous: Gamespot

So, I'm late to this one, but I just found a new piece of info, so here goes: A guy named Gertsmann at Gamespot was recently fired, essentially because he gave Kane and Lynch a bad review (for which he should have gotten a raise). Eidos ads are basically smeared over every inch of Gamespot, so I guess we know why they came down so hard on him. Here is an anonymous post in some forum, provided by Kotaku, where an alleged Gamespot emplyee spills the beans on what happened. Gabe and Tycho know the guy, and vouch for that side of the story, so I think we can say this is a true story.

This is pretty sad, apparently he had been working there for 10 years and was one of the senior writers. What the fuck. Good luck to Gertsmann on finding a new job, and fuck the Gamespot management. Lets hope the rest of the editorial staff can remain employed, and that they don't have 9 and 10 reviews shoved down their throats.

Blog Banter: Becoming an Ace and Dealing With Minsc

Blog Banter is a group of bloggers passionate about video games. We enjoy getting together once a month to write about the same subject. You will be amazed at the different viewpoints so many people can have on the same exact topic. If you are interested in participating, contact bs angel for more information. Enjoy our stories!

The first game I ever played were on my Dad's old 386. My older brother and I used to play a bunch of them: SimAnt, Doom, Monkey Island, and of course, Wing Commander. Being allowed to play was always kind of tricky, my brother was very territorial about most things, and I had to fight to be allowed to use "his" games. Booting up the computer and then typing the correct lines in DOS (I think there was some kind of password or something), and then it was time to kill some Kilrathi.

I could never get very far in that game, I just didn't have the skills it took. Still, talking to the different pilots afterwards (my favorite was always whatisname, Loose Canon or Mad Dog or whatever), and of course they could die permanently, which always happened to me. Best of all, even if I sucked and did badly at missions, I got a different, more depressing cutscene. I loved losing all the way to the end, just to watch the second ending.

Nowadays I'm a little better at such things, although I play less space sims. I can't think of a game I've played more than Baldur's Gate II. You all know how long it is, and I figure I've taken about 4 or 5 characters all the way to the end, completing every single mission (with dozens of other characters that got abandoned after 2 or 3 acts).

Seriously, I have played this game too much. Still, when I'm bored, and need a new game, all I have to do is find those old CDs. There is always a combination I haven't tried yet (next time, I figure it's gonna be a shapeshifter druid, just to make things really tough), and I never get tired of the party intrigue, plot, or graphics. This game literally sucks me in every time, and there hasn't been an RPG since that has even come close. NWN, NWN2, the KOTORs, they don't stand a chance. I love them all, but Baldur's Gate II will always be the best one of them all. This all kinda makes me want to go start that druid.

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