Thursday, September 27, 2007

Exciting Links

So from time to time I'll put up links to cool stuff, that you may already have seen. In these cases, if you haven't seen this stuff, you should look at it, right now.

A kinda badass Assassin's Creed video showed up recently. Sam, you should check this out, it is amusing, but still, you know this will be awesome:
Assassin's Creed Video.

Also, Mass Effect is supposed to be very groundbreaking and serious, but when it comes down to it I just want to be a hardened space-pirate who does totally awesome (but morally ambiguous) stuff. Seriously, these videos look very cool (in a silly, sci-fi way):
Mass Effect Video 1.
Mass Effect Video 2.

Also, I am the Shadow Broker, I don't now what ugly guy there is talking about. Oh, and these are from Gametrailers, so they are awesome.

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Samuel Cross said...

Holy hell that looks cool. When for pc?