Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'll just go back to playing Bioshock now, I guess

So I actually need to read now, but before I do, a quick question for you all (err, that's like two people, maybe?). What happened to the players in the TF2 beta? For a week there it was bliss, the kind of dumbass heckling and trash talk that pervades CS servers (among others) had not made an appearance. Then recently, I'm guarding 2Fort with my Engineer, his sentry gun and his dispenser, and I kill this guy. He then precedes to tell me to "get the fuck out of there you porch monkey." I'm sorry, how did we get here? What the fuck. I mean, yeah, you died, that makes people angry, I get it. But... How incredibly racist and stupid. Does this mean all of my TF2 games will be full of hateful mouth-breathers, or was he an anomaly? Forgive me for assuming it was a guy, but if it had been a girl, chances are someone else in the game would have been asking her for sex in under a minute (and then using an ugly sexual epithet to punish her for not responding). Chances are, my newly-beloved TF2 is about to see its clientèle hit rock bottom (unless they have been keeping silent to trick me for a week). And I was just starting to get my hopes up. This kind of thing really makes me wonder why I play these types of games, where I'm subject to The Theory:


Then again, if a "normal" person thinks its Hi-larious to say that to a stranger, why would I ever want to meet that person in the first place?

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